Our Safe Play Guidelines

The safety and health of our customers and staff is our top priority.

In light of the pandemic, Stadium Tennis Center has taken steps to modify our procedures so that tennis can be played safely. We are following guidelines from NYC Parks, the USTA, the Center for Disease Control, and NY State which are summarized below.

Thank you for your full cooperation in following these guidelines. Please keep in mind that these guidelines may change based on future advisories. Please respect these rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the game. We are all in this together. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Anyone not adhering to these guidelines will not be permitted to play or stay on the premises.

  • Temperature Check Before Play Is Required and Screening Questions: Please check in at the Front Desk for a temperature check and answer three important health screening questions.
  • If You Are Sick, or Have Been Exposed to a Sick Person, Please Be Considerate and Stay Home: If you feel sick or have been in contact with a sick person or anyone who has been infected by COVID-19, please stay at home.
  • Six Feet Apart At All Times: All current social distancing measures remain in effect including maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet apart at all times are in effect on the court and off the court. Please follow social distancing signage and designations.
  • Masks: It is mandatory that all persons wear masks upon entering and exiting the facility. All staff including coaches will wear masks at all times and based on directives from the CDC, we strongly encourage all players to wear masks on indoor courts while playing. If you are not wearing a mask/face covering, before or after play, you will be asked to put one on or leave the premises.
  • Hand Sanitizer Before and After Play: Hand sanitizer is available in central locations throughout the tennis center. Please remember to wash/sanitize your hands before and after play, meals and bathroom use.
  • Limit Contact With Doors and Equipment: No sharing of equipment is permitted. Scorecards, benches and water containers have been removed from the courts. Please avoid touching any teaching aids (e.g. hoppers, baskets, balls) and surfaces (e.g. net, net posts, court doors). Only pros may pick up balls during a lesson. Maintenance staff cleans the facility throughout the day and again at night when the facility is closed.
  • Clubhouse: For your safety, the Clubhouse is closed and may only be used on a very limited basis to check in with the Front Desk or make an inquiry. No congregating is permitted in the Clubhouse.
  • Remember to Bring Your Own Water Bottle: Water will not be provided on the court, so please remember to bring your own. Beverages are available for sale in the Clubhouse.
  • Please Do Not Stay Longer than You Need To: Once you’ve completed your playing, please do not stay on the premises.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance with the above play guidelines.
We look forward to providing an enjoyable, safe and healthy tennis experience!

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