We are delighted to offer the new convenience of online court rental bookings!  Please click on the link above to make your online booking.  You may reserve online up to one week in advance.

We are taking reservations for Seasonal Indoor Courts for the 2024-25 Season!

To reserve your seasonal indoor tennis court for the 2024-25 indoor season, please email your requested days and times to

During the indoor season, a seasonal court guarantees a set day and time.  During the outdoor season, a NYC tennis permit is required for walk-on play.


Below are the court rental rates for the 2023-24 Indoor Season (October through April)


 8am-3pm:    $65 (Reserved)    $50 (Unreserved)

12pm-3pm:   $39 Senior Citizens

3pm-10pm:   $110

Weekends and Holidays

8am-6pm:     $110

6pm-10pm:   $65


Weekdays 8am-3pm: $40 (By Reservation Only)

Weekends 6pm-10pm: $40 (By Reservation Only)


A limited number of Off Peak Play tennis memberships are issued for calendar month play during non-prime time, unreserved, off-peak hours only to individual tennis players (you may not be associated with a group or team and this is for tennis only) as below:

Weekdays (Off Peak, Unreserved)

7am – 9am; 12pm – 3pm

Weekends/Holidays (Off Peak, Unreserved)

7am – 9am; 6pm – 10pm

  • Off Peak Member, Unreserved Repeat Play: Repeat Play only during off-peak times is permitted on a first-come, first-serve basis provided a tennis court is available and subject to the sole discretion of the front desk.  If you are interested in repeat play, you must notify the front desk 10 minutes before the hour.
  • Off Peak Play Court Assignments: Please remember to check in at the front desk to receive your tennis court assignment and stay on the court you are assigned to.  Do not play on another tennis court without receiving another court assignment from the front desk.
  • Off Peak Play Fees: Fees must be paid in full for each calendar month of participation prior to the first day of the month in which you wish to play.  Pro-rated pricing is not permitted, so please remember to authorize payment no later than the last day of the month prior to the start of your membership.

*All OPP memberships must be paid in full prior to the start of the calendar month they are used.  No exceptions.*

          Single Month OPP                            $275/month

          Full Indoor Season OPP                  $1,500

          Three Month OPP                              $750

          South Bronx Resident OPP (*)     $150/mth

  • OPP Guests: OPP members may play with a guest who is responsible for paying their portion of the tennis court rental ($25/hr during unreserved off peak times)

(*) To be eligible for the South Bronx Resident OPP, proof of South Bronx residence must be provided (i.e, driver’s license or  utility bill) 

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